FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (18)

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step4. Once again returned to the player career interface.

This time you have to understand the player’s character and player’s ability.

You can choose to upgrade Alex for the point, to enhance the ability of Alex.

Plot: Alex is about to accept Rio Ferdinand (Rio Ferdinand) interview, before the interview he was a bit nervous, the broker Michael said after the interview, will be a new contract affecting Alex life. Grandpa Jim has been appreciative of his admiration since he knew that if his son Harold could get help from Michael, he would not make Harold’s football career going to the end.

Subsequently, the interview began. For Alex, Rio Ferdinand (Rio Ferdinand) is his idol, because the little Alex to see Rio Ferdinand (Rio Ferdinand) play, plus Rio Ferdinand (Ferdinand) had ever crossed these superstars, and Alex had never wanted to be here in front of the lens with Rio Ferdinand (Rio Ferdinand) The

Rio Ferdinand (Rio Ferdinand)’s question is very sharp, he mentioned Alex’s grandfather and father, and take Hunter three generations of comparison, which makes Alex some at a loss, but now he only recognize the mother and Grandpa is his family, he hopes not to mention Harold later.

The next topic is even more acute, that is, about Alex’s childhood friend Gareth, who played together in the street, and then joined the youth team, and Alex believe that they are already adults, no longer young Home of the youth, the contradiction between the two has been left behind.

Alex’s interview is over, the next interview is actually Gareth, which makes Alex and his family never imagined, perhaps this is Rio Ferdinand (Rio Ferdinand) for the results of the program deliberately get little tricks, but This time to meet, Gareth gentle a lot, he warned Alex not too much to believe that Michael, Gareth before a transfer business is Michael screwed up, and later Gareth also fired Michael for another broker (which is foreshadowing One, suggesting that Michael will make the wrong decision and hurt Alex).

Plot: After a few days, the team set off to the United States to participate in the pre-season tour, the first game is directly facing the face of Real Madrid, Toro and Alex to discuss the game against the situation, Li-Li found from the social media Toro wants to move the rumors.

Toro immediately denies to the two friends and says that if he decides to leave, Alex and Li-Li as friends will be the first person to know, not the media.

But Alex and Li-Li heart to understand, in the professional league, everyone is involuntarily, who knows their own fate?

The next pre – season tour only needs to be two, if the first defeat, then only play one.

Because this has been a formal race, so it is recommended that the player is best to control the team to play. This can take the initiative to pass Alex.

Plot: The first game with Real Madrid before the start of the game, Alex was looking for Christianson Ronaldo (C Ronaldo) good communication, after the game exchange jerseys.

After the game, Christians de la Ronaldo (C Ronaldo) very much appreciate Alex, and that Alex should go to Real Madrid to play, but Alex immediately rejected.

step 6. The next final, to face the winner of LA, Bayern Munich, to receive a training session before the final, Alex can choose “match goalkeeper” or “shot angle” training.

Followed by the final of the tournament.

Plot: The opening of the tournament before the opening of the LA Ghazy Zarders gave Alex a dismal, he asked Alex seriously with him a higher.

After the game, Harold, who had settled in the United States for many years, met Alex on the street, who was not willing to take care of Harold, but did not hesitate to go to the taxi with Harold. Dayton dinner.

Harold told Alex about his experience as a scout in the United States, and seemed to want Alex to become his client.

Then Harold answered a woman’s phone, and Alex thought Harold was abandoning them for the woman, and Harold wanted Alex not to look at things, but Alex did not listen at all. (Click to buy fifa mobile points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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