New missions in Clash Royale: Do you want to know how they work?

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Clash Royale has released one of the biggest updates of its history yesterday and among the available novelties are the new missions . These Clash Royale missions are nothing more than a type of “daily chores” inherited from role-playing games like World of Warcraft (precursors in this respect).

The new missions now come to replace the achievements of Clash Royale but with much more activity than before and with much better rewards . Supercell has confirmed that the achievements will disappear in the next update. Here it is not only possible to get gems but also it is possible to get legendary coffers, gold and all kinds of items for the game. The new missions come with the new gameplay, Touchdown. If you want to know how to win in Touchdown here you have some tips and tricks. 

Clash Royale Missions

What can we get in the missions?

From what we have been able to see in the missions you can get everything:

Safes of all kinds, even legendary.
Letters of all kinds.
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