Clash Royale – Best Cards for Touchdown Mode 2c2

Clash Royale debuts a new update, which finally enables the daily missions and Touchdown Mode 2c2. We give you some tips to choose the best card deck for this modality.

If something Clash Royale is characterized by is to keep their players hooked with a constant rhythm of news. Every now and then incorporate new cards, game modes or simply rebalance the power of each unit so that all users have to redo their deck.

With the latest update, the October, Clash Royale premiere Touchdown Mode 2c2 , where you have to fight side by side with other users to get a touchdown on the score line. The keys to this new mode are clear : you can not use cards as fast as the mountaineers and there are others that can only appear in the middle of the board.
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In this way, it is impossible for example to send the Minero to do respawn right on the goal line , something that would suppose eliminating all the fun to this novelty. In addition, you must take into account all the peculiarities of 2c2 mode, which we have already seen in the game for months. You must coordinate and agree strategies with the other player, although this is difficult if it is not your friend.

The classic river has been eliminated, so you can now move through any part of the board without problems. That may make you think of a strategy for touchdown: make rival troops concentrate on one part to advance by surprise from the other. Not so fast! You may be able to fool one of the two rivals, but both? Difficult. And they can always react in time to slow you down.

Without delay, we tell you what are the best cards for Touchdown Mode 2c2 . They all have their particularities and can serve you in different circumstances, not always to score, but to prevent rivals from doing so-

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Shortly after starting to play, you will see that most users choose the woodcutter to enter this new mode. It is especially useful because it is not a slow unit and also has the Furia ability . This ability causes dying to accelerate the advance of all the cards around it.

Send ahead the woodcutter, if you can with a tank and protected by spells like arrows or lightning. When in the middle of the terrain or slightly ahead, it frees the Army of Skeletons, the Night Witch or another card that spawn massive units.

In this way, all of them will start to accelerate towards the goal line. If the rivals have little elixir to react, you will write your Touchdown thanks to this letter.

Woodcutter Clash Royale
Army of Skeletons
This card is usually seen little in upper arenas. By much level they have, their skeletons are weak to spells that cause damage of area or before the Valquiria. That makes it not among the best cards in the Clash Royale Touchdown Mode for many players , a mistake.

You can take advantage of the underestimate to get the full game. When selecting the deck with which they want to enter the game, everyone thinks of advancing and advancing, and few choose cards like Arrows or Valkyrie, a rather slow unit. That makes the defenses against the Skeleton Army relatively poor.

Surprise your opponents with these skeletons when you know that they should have little elixir left, if possible behind some flying unit that ends with potential dangers. Of course, if they have arrows or discharges in the sleeve, of little will serve you.

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Unlike normal Clash Royale bouts, the Touchdown is all over with just touching the finish line. There is no tower to defend yourself and allow time, so you have to adapt your strategy.

In all the games there is a moment when you know that you are going to lose: when you have little elixir and you see a card with much life of the rival approaching your goal. What to do then? In fact, you can only release a couple of cards that end with it: the aforementioned army of skeletons and bats.

They are one of the best mechanisms to defend you in this mode. They cost little elixir and are effective against troops that can not attack them , such as the woodcutter or valkyrie.

Clash Royale Bats
Ice Wizard
It is surprising that this card is available in the decks for Touchdown Mode 2c2, as it unbalances a lot of games . In addition to causing damage, it slows down the enemy’s advance, which automatically makes it the best defensive card in the game.

Combined with another card, it can stop practically any rival offense without being undisturbed. It can even come out unscathed and undamaged. Once you have managed to deactivate your two enemies, it is also useful to serve as support for cards like the army of skeletons or the woodcutter.

Mage Ice Clash Royale
Finally, a letter that you must always have, as its usefulness is of the first order to remove enemy units that prevent you from crossing. Besides doing damage, it manages to move aside those that are under its effect. That means you can use it to “sweep” anything your enemies put in your way.

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