VIDEO GAMES World of Warcraft has a rape problem

A hostel of the famous MMORPG serves as a landmark for players who take their foot by imposing their violent fantasies on other players.
This article has been published on Motherboard Germany and has been translated by Motherboard.

Klara * enters the tavern of Goldshire. Bare elves and dwarf strippers stroll. She expects cybersex, sensual exchanges, a little role play. But it receives only insistent claims and suggestions of lovers of rape fantasy. Somewhere at the bottom of this tavern that many players will visit at least once during their journey in World of Warcraft, a dwarf yells: “Yeah yeah, cum for everyone! ”

The dwarf is chasing an orc running through the inn, his endothermic peak (a kind of snow cannon) at the hip. A moment later a cat window opens: “Are you hot? What’s your Number ? Those who spend a little time in the tavern quickly cross many local figures. The elves of the night, for example, gallop in lingerie by casting heavy looks at the new arrivals. One of them tells me caps lock: “You’re gonna turn your eye when I’m going to fuck you! ”

Klara comes out. Outside, other players wait for him. They encircle his character and cast spells in the air; their white and luminous clouds fly away and dissipate. This kind of non-consensual cybersex session is classic in the tavern. Klara disconnects. But what happened? She discovered the “Rape Tavern”, the “rape tavern” of World of Warcraft.

The names of the players mentioned in this article were changed at their request because they were afraid of being harassed by other players.

Role-Playing in the Role-Playing Game

In the course of our research, we interviewed more than 40 players on 21 servers and regularly witnessed scenes similar to the one described above in the Goldshire Tavern. We also saw players claiming photographs and personal information from other players.

Unofficially, the Goldshire Tavern is considered the swapping capital of World of Warcraft. Every day, thousands of players meet to play with orcs, elves and pandas, but only by chat. It is not uncommon for avatars to put on underwear during these exchanges, a cosmetic effort essential to set the mood. In any case, that’s what Frank said at Motherboard.

Frank has been visiting the Goldshire hostel since 2009. He usually attends servers for roleplayers, who are considered the headquarters of the erotic community. On normal servers, the tavern is often empty and receives only the visits of the players who pass by there.

“Nobody knows when it started,” says Frank. But all that cybersex has to offer has already been tried here when I started playing this game. At the time, it was important to choose your words well and respect each other, to maintain a certain decorum. There has been a real erotic culture here. But today, most people do not care. ”

Frank refers to a phenomenon that we noticed at the very first moment in the Goldshire Inn: in their tone and overall behavior, the players present are exceptionally aggressive. Speaking at Motherboard, regulars simply referred to the place as “Rape Tavern”, which they sometimes embellished the classic smiley wink.
One player gave us the e-mail address of 26-year-old Klara, who entered the online erotic cats as a teenager. Today, she earns her living as a virtual escort in Second Life. It was through her activity that she got wind of the erotic community of World of Warcraft, which she quickly decided to discover personally.

“It must have been a cool night,” says Klara. I created a mage and spun right to Goldshire. The tavern was armored. All the guests wore pretty costumes or nothing at all. I had never seen so many purple breasts in one go. I thought I was in a real libertine club. A few minutes after his arrival, the first public and private messages began to flow.

“I was asked if I wanted to fuck,” she continues. As it did not seem surprising to me, I asked for the rules of the chat, a stuff I used to do in Second Life. “Several players told him that the virtual sex in World of Warcraft was mostly based on the” animations “of the game. Exit the long and sensual descriptions of moments intimate Second Life.

By their advances, the players were trying to get a simulation of a sexual act using different animations of dance, battle or spell. “I found it rather mundane and I politely refused,” says Klara. I left the tavern soon after. Very soon, I realized that a band was following me. ”

Then, things became disruptive: “A man really wanted to get into a 69 with me while a group of paladins were watching the scene simulating ejaculations using spells that emit a white light. Klara replied with a “no!” limpid, to which the players reacted by harassing it even harder.

Klara escaped by disconnecting and leaving the game. “I’ve deleted my character and I have not been back since,” she said.

“No one helps us”

We have witnessed many similar scenes during our investigation. While we were writing questions for the cat, several half-naked characters came to rub our human. We were asked about our real age, how much “cost [a] session” and whether we “bai [s] for money” in real life. When we decided to leave the tavern, several players followed us outside.

Later, I learned in a discussion that the perpetrators found “very exciting” that their targets were fleeing, because it was like a real rape. Chasing his victim is an integral part of the cyber-rapist role-playing game. This is what prompted them to follow our character outside the tavern.

After three attempts to approach, we decided to change our strategy and to question our aggressor frontally on his intentions. “Rape is also a type of erotic role-playing,” said the night elf who had promised to “kiss me until [I] turns a look” moments earlier. A player passing by there nodded: “It’s just libidinous behavior, nothing more. ”
“Those who do not like it can disconnect whenever they want. “We have this phrase a lot in our conversations with the players. Alex, a World of Warcraft veteran who has witnessed many scenes of sexual violence in the Goldshire tavern by the eyes of his panda character, explains why this thesis is problematic: “Players who play it rapist have a mentality “sink or swim”. Goldshire is their domain on almost every role-playing server, and those who do not like it have only to release. It spoils the party for everyone. ”

Alex also criticizes the attitude of the developer of World of Warcraft, Blizzard: “Nobody helps us. Of course, you can always send a protest message, but Blizzard has been ignoring this system for years. We sent a request for comment to the development studio. After several days of writing, we were still waiting for an answer.

Players who complain about these behaviors may sound whiny. After all, we are talking about incidents that take place only on a screen and in an imaginary world. This way of perceiving things does not do justice to the people affected. Many of the players we have addressed have stressed the great unease that these situations can inspire.

During our interviews, several victims of these attacks told us that they suddenly felt cornered during the attack. The size of Wow’s virtual world has not changed. They were convinced that their characters, with whom they had developed a bond through their adventures in the MMORPG, did not deserve what had happened to them. The feeling of vulnerability resulting from these situations is aggravated by the sometimes racist and sexist insults of the aggressors.

A player shouts “Who wants cum?” in a public chat before emptying his snow cannon in the tavern. Image: Screenshot via Blizzard
The phenomenon of the “Rape Tavern” is not original. The old forum posts from many years describe disturbing situations and require the help of Blizzard. The studio has yet to give a clear position on the issue. In 2010, he announced that “patrols” would be set up at the Goldshire Inn and that players violating the rules of use would be temporarily banned in the event of flagrante delicto. This measure seems to have had little effect on the problem.

For most fans of World of Warcraft, Goldshire’s fate was sealed in 2008 with the release of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. With one of its new features, players no longer had to meet in specific locations to set out to adventure together. The “Dungeon Finder” allowed them to form groups without making an appointment at the Goldshire Tavern or similar venue. The erotic role-play community, which continued to use the hostel as a club, soon found itself alone. Unfortunately, she felt herself quickly harassed.

What about the miners?

Beyond the fact that the enraged members of this “rape community” spoil the experience of other players, put them in embarrassing situations and even push some of them out of Goldshire, there is another problem: the child protection.

In Germany, World of Warcraft is accessible to all individuals aged 12 years and older. Thanks to a promotional operation, beginners can play free up to level 20. If these new players choose to launch themselves with a human character, they arrive on the map a few cables from Goldshire.

As a result, it is possible that minors end up in the rape tavern, where mobile phone numbers or “real photos” are often requested. This risk should prompt Blizzard to act. The studio must find a suitable response to the complaints of the players.

Goldshire’s traditions and practices are … Individuals. Image: Screenshot via Blizzard
The players with whom I exchanged do not want to hear about scenarios in which they end up talking to a minor. In investigating this article, we heard countless apologies like “the children are sleeping at that time” and “it’s their fault.”

After our visit to Goldshire, we are forced to conclude that the microcosm of this small village operates according to its own rules, even when they violate World of Warcraft’s conditions of use. Each of our visits to various role-playing servers was enamored of encounter with aggressive players: harassment and requests for photographs and personal information were systematic.

Blizzard let the problem grow and take root. This laxity is often interpreted as an authorization to overcome the erotic cats of yesteryear to indulge in genuine acts of in-game rapes.

“Fifa 18” in the test

Cloudy and heavy rain showers. The jerseys stick to the bodies of the players, the sweat beads from their foreheads. Cristiano Ronaldo puts the ball into the net and hits the opponent’s wall wide-legged. Real Madrid take a throw-in in the opponent’s half of the field and thumping with a smile on his face.

Such scenes impress. The world stars have been digitized as realistically as ever in “Fifa 18”, which will be released on Friday, September 29th. The movements on the ball, the sprint technique, the mimicry: Who controls Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Neymar over the field, feels really a bit like a pro in the Champions League . The EA Sports team has recorded the movements of the real stars for the soccer simulation even more subtly than the predecessor, the tattoos after-drawn and the hairstyles justified.

This is new to “Fifa 18”

So “Fifa” this year is above all a declaration of love to the superstars. Many other players from the top leagues, on the other hand, have apparently fallen through the grid and get a standard face overpinned. Overall, however, the graphics have become even better, the jerseys throw more wrinkles, the floodlight breaks more handsomely in gloomy evenings. And also the playing emotions have become much more lively.

Inertia slows the players out

Play has not changed much. If you feel like “Fifa 17” , but still has a desire for the change of version, you do not need long to master the successor. However, a change is noticeable: The developers have a little bit of the difficulty. It has become more challenging to control the defense. This is mainly due to the greater inertia of the players.

If you decide for the wrong direction, you have lost the duel with the opponent. If a player needs to reverse abruptly, it will take time to change direction. This has made it even more difficult to defend against attacks, especially when one encounters fast-paced players who are able to settle down quickly.

For this purpose attacks on the wings at “Fifa 18” are even more worthwhile than before. Flanks from the side line can be influenced much better than in the predecessor. The high passports do not always end up in the same place in the penalty area, but can be controlled precisely depending on the key pressure and the shooting position. The ball now sails well to the short or long post.

To click: The “Fifa” series has changed

Alex Hunter continues his career

In the game modes, Electronic Arts relies on its proven offer. So, of course, the popular and lucrative card collecting mode Fifa Ultimate Team is on board again, this time with icons like Diego Maradona and Pelé . The stars of formerly hid in “Fifa 17” only in the card sets of the Xbox- players. Now also PC and Playstation users have the chance to draw a legend.

Offline players are likely to be happy that the “Journey” story mode is continued. Footballer Alex Hunter has now matured to the premier in the Premier League and is now on the big career. The story is well-told this time and is always enriched with star shows. In addition, the decisions now have more impact, the story is not quite as tight as the first appearance of Hunter.

This makes the “Journey” mode even more fun and is also in the new edition an enrichment for solos. Another plus for some fans: In “Fifa 18” the third German league is now on board.

In order to present you with more than one opinion about “Fifa 18”, we have let several football game fans from the editorial team try out the game. Here you can find your personal assessments:

Christoph Winterbach – The online player
“I’ve been an ‘Fifa’ player for years, but leave most of the features unaffected by the game, especially the season mode: online duels with real opponents are more tactical than games against teams with computer

intelligence I could not make any monumental changes in my test matches, but the biggest difference to ‘Fifa 17’ is when you steer the virtual kickers across the lawn, the figures run slower, seem to respond to some gamepad commands with delay possibly a habit.

The great stars of the game now have even more confident skills on the ball and trickle themselves elegantly through top-class defensive lines. Even the dribbelfaule of the rustic football: Once on the dribblestick and the player performs a magic trick. Looks great – it’s a bit too much of the good to me. ”
Attack in “Fifa 18”
Electronic Arts
Attack in “Fifa 18”
Jörg Breithut – The Car Collector
“Nothing is more exciting for me than to shoot in the first league at Ultimate Team, every year I start with a gurgling group and fight against other online players, and I’ve already earned coins for more than 100 card sets. With the ticket cards I always get a proper team with first-time players – but a superstar has never been there,

and that remains the big problem of the mode: For superstars dominate him, who has Messi or Ronaldo in his starting lineup can not make much more wrong. The top players trickle with ease through the hard-to-control defense.

Around 1.5 million coins cost Messi. For this, the reward must be made up of hundreds of game hours. This is also known to the developers – and offer impatient players to increase the chances with packages that cost up to 100 euros. I would never spend so much money in addition to the game price, because I prefer to do without big stars. ”
Game in “Fifa 18”
Electronic Arts
Game in “Fifa 18”
Philipp Awounou – The team player
“For me, playing together with an experienced team colleague is the king’s discipline, in the online season mode, at the Ultimate Team, or on the couch against their own sidekicks: the ability to control a team is quite different and much more and thus take on even more game control.

In ‘Fifa 18’, however, the interplay becomes more challenging than it already was. The movements have become more realistic, but also slower. If a pass is not optimally timed, the pill is gone. In the game against the ball one has the feeling that the players have the turning circle of a truck, which makes the defensive work much more difficult. After all, my beloved Schlenzer from the edge of the penalty seems to have become a real weapon again. ”
“Fifa 18” from EA Sports, for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Nintendo Switch; about 60 euros, tested on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, a switch test version we did not get in time

Blue post: the official response to the melting of the void

Blue post: the official response to the melting of the void
  Briefly: In the post, Blizzard talked about the difference between the furnace and the recast system, the opening of the relics of the relics did not meet the design concept, and the satisfaction of the setting of the sacred objects that would make their souls binding.
Blue post: the official response to the melting of the void (Click to buy buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

  Blue address
  Hello everyone! We have recently seen a lot of discussion on the melting of the void, but also with the development team also communicated many times, so I intend to enter this post to share with you some of the key points in the dialogue.
  The comparison of the furnace system and the recasting system – the past recasting is a very simple, mechanized option. Players will always put all of them who do not reach the upper limit of the equipment, the worst sub-attributes into the best attributes. In contrast, the void furnace only affects a small part of the equipment, and provides a more like the case of “30 crit re-cast for the rapid” more diverse situation.
  We also see the players on the open re-selection of the second, three characteristics of the discussion. We think that opening this feature will lead the player in different combat environments to choose the current best of the sacred features, such as team activities in the process of leaving a temporary copy and then switch back to more suitable for the host AOE fighting characteristics. We think that this practice itself is very troublesome, and let the furnace system becomes like a shrinking version of the talent tree, so that you choose the theme of the sacred thing smaller.
  In other words, the sacred thing is a kind of equipment, it will always be replaced; we really expect players in the furnace system to make selection and testing. There are a lot of new content waiting for us in the throne, where you can get a better holy thing, those who are not satisfied with the characteristics of the players will soon be in the near future with a series of new features options. (Click to buy wow gold,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

  In addition, we are also satisfied with the current design of the sacred objects that will bind their souls. We think it’s a substitute – everyone is passing between the furnace and the copy, trading the sacred objects and seeing who is the biggest one – much worse. Players are smart and will use the information they can collect to make informed decisions. However, as I said, we expect the players to carry out their own tests.
  The last point: I see Reddit a post asking you to choose which of the following three sacred objects:
  Sacred A: 930 equipment, etc., the basic and the third layer are graduation characteristics, but the second layer is the worst that
  Sacred material B: 915 equipment, etc., and the third layer is the graduation characteristics, the second layer is sub-optimal characteristics
  Holy C: 940, etc., the basis of the third and the second row is the second and fourth income characteristics, the second layer is graduation characteristics.
  The response of this postmaster is: only after the software simulation to know. My opinion is that if you are the kind of equipment to rely on equipment to make a choice of simulation, you probably will continue to do so anyway, of course, this is also good. If you are based on some basic guidelines, such as “I am a fire law, I need crit”, you will be as usual as you understand your own to make what you think, for a particular career specialization best choice. (Click to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Why aren’t teams scoring touchdowns early this NFL season?

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Exactly what the NFL needs when individuals are griping about an absence of scoring: A Thursday night diversion between the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers.

The last time the Rams played at the 49ers of every a prime-time diversion, they were closed out. This season, the 49ers have played two recreations and haven’t scored a touchdown. Furthermore, this is after a week ago’s “Thursday Night Football” delivered one touchdown for the two groups in the Texans’ 13-9 prevail upon Cincinnati.

Scoring is down in the NFL. That is the most recent emergency, after we proceeded onward from Ezekiel Elliott not hustling and gave the TV appraisals stories a break for a day or somewhere in the vicinity. As per Michael Salfino, through two weeks groups are averaging 1.93 hostile touchdowns for each amusement. That number was 2.4 last season, and 2.36 from 2014 to 2016. Scoring all in all is down too obviously, at 20.1 focuses per group each diversion, a number that was 22.6 last season.

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[Watch on Yahoo: Ravens versus Panthers live from London Sept. 24]

Following two weeks, which is not precisely a huge example, we saw features, for example, “How Football Stopped Being Fun,” “Dream Scoring is Down and Will Likely Stay That Way,” “Why Scoring Has Nosedived in the NFL” and “The NFL Has A Scoring Problem – Potentially The Worst In Decades.” Two weeks.

Like the TV evaluations story, everybody has a hypothesis on why scoring is down. How about we investigate the conceivable guilty parties:

Practice time has been cut excessively: Two-a-day rehearses were a relic from a period when players had offseason employments and expected to get fit as a fiddle amid July and August. It was likely long late for the union and NFL to decrease cushioned contact hones, particularly with such a large number of stories about player wellbeing. Obviously, less practice time has outcomes. Offenses appear to be behind ahead of schedule in the season (for what reason don’t we ever perceive that, maybe, safeguards have been better than average up until this point?). Mentors will whine that the amusement is more awful due to the reductions by and by however they’re not an impartial source; mentors love just practice and considerably more practice. The one range this appears to have truly had an impact is …
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Hostile line play is down: “The group would be better yet its hostile line is quite recently unpleasant.” Who is that about? The New York Giants? Seattle Seahawks? Cincinnati Bengals? Houston Texans? Could be various groups. Poor hostile line play has been a couple of years coming (NFL Films’ Greg Cosell separated the issues exploring hostile linemen a year ago, which you can read here) in light of the fact that it appears everybody is running a spread offense in school and hostile linemen aren’t set up for the NFL diversion. At that point they don’t get enough practice time to create. Accordingly, there are less hostile linemen to go around (this could likewise be a fortuitous impermanent downturn in the quantity of fit and athletic 310-pound guys from 22-32 years of age).

Whatever the reason, hostile linemen are hard to come by and there are much an excessive number of groups who can’t work since they can’t piece – again however, how about we give some credit to cautious plans. This isn’t school football, where most groups are terrible on barrier and even Iowa-Iowa State was tied 38-38 toward the finish of direction. Newsflash: Defenses are great in the NFL. Similar individuals whining about absence of scoring may have been disturbed that all the NFL’s guidelines are intended to make it harder on guards. It’s 2017, and individuals get a kick out of the chance to be despondent about something or anything.

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) is sacked by Detroit Lions’ Jarrad Davis (40). (AP)

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is sacked by the Detroit Lions’ Jarrad Davis. (AP)


The short ignoring diversion has taken: Kevin Clark of The Ringer composed an awesome piece analyzing how the short-passing amusement is the go-to offense for pretty much every group, and that makes the diversion less tastefully satisfying. The NFL has dependably been to a great degree chance unwilling – it will be decent to achieve a point in which a group makes the undeniable call to put it all on the line on fourth-and-1 and it isn’t dealt with like they’re taking A Big Gamble – and that has influenced how offenses are conceived. Indeed, even folks like Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions and Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens, who can toss profound, have been transformed into short, safe passers.
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FIFA 18 will occupy 14GB in Switch On sale next week.

Nintendo has confirmed the size of the digital version of FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch, the EA Sposts game that will hit stores later this month.
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As can be seen on the official website of the game , you will need to have 14,3GB storage space to download FIFA 18, if, of course, that we opt for the digital edition. Given that the console has 32GB of internal memory (several of which are reserved for OS), it is almost required buying a microSD card.

FIFA 18 for Switch is a customized version for the console, and does not include the Journey mode or use the Frostbite engine. It will feature modes designed to harness the potential of Joy-Con and will work to 1080p60 when connected to the dock and laptop 720p. (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Video Games Predict the Suns 2017-2018 Season

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NBA Live 18 and 2K18 were just released and I had to see how our Phoenix Suns would turn out. Naturally, I booted up Franchise Mode and let the games take their course. How did the Phoenix Suns turn out? Let’s find out.

NBA Live 18:

Season Outcome:

In the Live 18 simulation, the Suns finished with a 36-46 record, finishing 14th in the Western Conference and fourth in the Pacific division. The Golden State Warriors won the division, followed by the Los Angeles Clippers, Sacramento Kings and, the Los Angeles Lakers finishing last. The lottery once again hated Phoenix giving them the seventh pick in the 2018 draft.


Devin Booker made it to the all-star team as the last selected player averaging 20.2 points, 9.7 assists and 2.1 rebounds. Josh Jackson finished sixth in Rookie of the Year voting and was selected to the All-Rookie Second Team.

Team Leaders:

Scoring: Eric Bledsoe (20.5ppg)

Assists: Devin Booker (9.7apg)

Rebounds: Tyson Chandler (10.2rpg)

Steals: Eric Bledsoe (2.4spg)

Blocks: Tyson Chandler (1.6bpg)


Devin Booker was the only Sun to play all 82 games. Davon Reed played 25 games before going down with a back injury. Alan Williams played only three games before tearing is ACL.

NBA 2K18:

Season Outcome:

In the 2K18 simulation, the Suns finished the season with a 41-41 record,(welcome to to buy BUY cheap nba 2k18 MT, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
good enough for ninth in the Western Conference and third in the Pacific Division. The Golden State Warriors again won the division, however Phoenix managed to break even behind the Warriors and Clippers, and finish just ahead of the Lakers and Kings. In this simulation the Suns ended up with the 11th overall pick.


Devin Booker again made it to the All-Star game, but had a more complete season averaging 23.2 points, 6.1 assists and 3.0 rebounds. Josh Jackson ended up third in Rookie of the Year voting and was selected to the All-Rookie First Team.

Team Leaders:

Scoring: Devin Booker (23.2ppg)

Assists: Eric Bledsoe (7.7apg)

Rebounds: Tyson Chandler (11.3rpg)

Steals: Eric Bledsoe (2.1spg)

Blocks: Tyson Chandler (1.9bpg)


Nearly the entire team was plagued with injuries and no player was able to suit up for all 82 games. Tyler Ulis injured his ankle multiple times and Tyson Chandler suffered from knee and back injuries.


Both simulations ended up with around the same result. Both predicted the Suns will show improvement but not make the playoffs. With Live 18, the players individually showed more improvement while 2K18 showed more team improvement. Both games predict injuries upon injuries with no good pick to show for it.

With the predictions out of the way, all we can do now is wait and see which game had the closest prediction.

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NBA 2K18: higher and above all stronger

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Every year, 2K Sports offers basketball fans and players one of the most successful sports simulations of the year. NBA 2K18 does not deviate from the rule with an opus even more advanced in the realism and always more complete. And this year, more than ever in the series, mad fools of orange ball like the uninitiated will be able to find their account.

Every year, it’s the same story. Since the move to the latest generation consoles, NBA 2K has established itself as one of the video games next to which any good sports fan gamer (and vice versa) can not pass. The series was able to place the basketball at the same level as the football in terms of the realism of the sport in pixel, never ceasing to push the limits of what the player imagined possible. And 2K Sports did not stop in such good way, quite the opposite.

At the summit, “2K” has seen for these last versions little fears about resting on its laurels and only offering for sale an update of the previous edition. The ransom of glory in short, so much, opus after opus, the bar was placed high. For this edition 2018 (released on September 15), the revolution is still not appropriate. But the American studio is far from having done in wait-and-see. This NBA 2K18 brings just what needs small adjustments to increase the fun of play.

Fantastically realistic, as usual, the latest addition to the series is proudly displayed as the first to offer 4K visuals on all lounge platforms. Even the Nintendo Switch, less powerful, has the right to a very satisfactory version graphically in nomadic version.

Paul George in NBA 2K18
Paul George in the NBA 2K18 Eurosport
From 7 to 77 years old (welcome to buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

By fully resuming their system of digitizing the faces and physics of the players, 2K goes a little further in the sensation of watching a replay of matches at night. This work on the body of the protagonists is also felt in the displacements, less scripted and more fluid than in the past. Players betting at the Westbrook on penetrations to the circle will have less of a sense of having to face a wall in good defense. The regulars will certainly have to regain their sensations, especially in defense, the matter of a few minutes.

These welcome subtleties of form would be nothing without a background of the same ilk. For several years, 2K Sports has placed career mode at the heart of its games. After the appearances of Spike Lee or Michael B. Jordan, the Hollywood star is this time the setting. A new addition to this opus, “Run the Neighborhood” is bringing NBA 2K into a new dimension of online gaming.

A single environment for all players, a navigation in a city where you can experience your experience with your NBA franchise like struggling to be the master of street basketball, shopping, mini-games … The mode has been revised from A to Z, doped by many additional contents. Easier access, more customizable (both in the appearance of your character and in his style of play), this “Quarter” is a beautiful door open to gamers more accustomed to the codes of video game than those of basketball in himself. It is a matter of taste but we would have liked a scenario more sport-oriented, more realistic than that of DJ, former university player, passed by the world of music, to finally be spotted after four basketball games by ‘

“The Neighborhood”, career mode of NBA 2K18
“The Neighborhood”, NBA career mode 2K18 Eurosport
Game modes close to the inexhaustible

This correct story (with secondary characters always as annoying at times) but without great genius tarnishes from the beginning of the mode the depth that still offers the career in NBA 2K. The demanding GM mode has also not lost its density and has also now had the right to its scenario, overall successful, but that we regret to be unique, regardless of the team that you will choose to lead. Certainly one of the axes to be developed for the future 2K19. The My Team mode has not been forgotten and takes muscle, with many new features including the exciting “Pack & Play-offs”, close to the Draft mode that FIFA offers.

You will be able to spend many hours on 2K18 this season 2017-2018. Tell your NBA buddies that you are dressed up for long evenings / nights. Even the oldest fans will be able to find something to it with the addition of All-Time teams by franchise, a treat for the nostalgic. And if your fellow controllers are not available, tell your little cousin to join you in the “Neighborhood”. Pleasing to all tastes was the real challenge of a NBA 2K18 that could have just purring. The bet is (again) successful. (Click gameusd.comto buy NBA 2K 18 MT ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA 18 ‘alter Michy Batshuayi’s rating’ after he kicks up fuss – but he admits they’ve gone too far the other way!

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Michy Batshuayi apparently achieved something a number of disappointed footballers have wanted to do over the years by getting his FIFA 18 ratings improved.

Whether the EA Sports game will include the stats on his amended card however remains to be seen (let’s be honest though, he’s got NO chance).

The Chelsea forward took to Twitter last week to call out EA Sports on awarding him an overall rating of 80 – a drop from last year’s FIFA 17 rating of 81.

It seems the makers of the game decided to knock him down a peg on account of his lack of game time for the Stamford Bridge club last season.

Batshuayi 1-0 EA Sports (Image: Action Images via Reuters)
Batshuayi posted a short clip of himself holding his card and gesturing to the camera disappointedly. He captioned the tweet, aimed at EA Sports: “PLEASE EXPLAIN”.

But EA Sports were quick to get back to the striker, who netted against Qarabag in the Champions League, setting him a challenge.

Batshuayi appeared to take the advice on board before aiming a little dig at the makers of the hit football game. He later called them out on his question again, prompting EA Sports to make amends, or at least pretend to. (welcome to to buy cheap fifa 18 coins, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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Former Redskin is a Driving Force Behind Madden 18

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Even the most die-hard of Redskins fans may not remember offensive tackle Clint Oldenburg, who was in the Redskins organization 2010, but never appeared in a game.

But his impact on the game will greatly exceed most of his more accomplished teammates–at least in the virtual NFL.

Since leaving the team, Oldenburg took an internship with EA Sports and has risen up the corporate ladder, first working on the company’s NCAA game and now focusing on the almighty Madden franchise.

His major contribution to the game has been helping to make it more realistic and authentic, which is why it continues to be so popular. He was recently featured in the Orlando Sentinel and talked about how far he’s come since transitioning from the game to gaming.

“When I first got to Electronic Arts, that was who I was,” he said. “I would get depressed when I missed a workout. But I had to learn that I’m not getting paid to work out anymore. That was a huge adjustment.

“Now I’m widely regarded as a game-play guy.”

Even though Oldenburg only ever appeared in two NFL games, both in 2007 with the New York Jets, (Click to buy Madden NFL18 Coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
he was good enough to hang around. In fact, when he decided to stay on with EA Sports, it was turning down an invitation to try out with the Canadian Football League.

That isn’t a decision that most players could make chasing the dream. But it’s worked out OK for him since. In addition to latching onto a major sports franchise of a different kind, he also met his wife working for the company.

“I was always a roster-bubble guy, wondering if I’d be cut or not,” Oldenburg said. “That grinded (sic) on me. It was difficult because I still thought I could play the game if I stayed healthy. But I wasn’t getting any younger.”

And now you can answer the burning question of, “I wonder what Clint Oldenburg is up to now?”